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2024 Interior Repairs

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Construction Updates & Photos


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Interior Repairs Update

February 2024

Church Interior Repairs Update


I am pleased to report that the ceilings and walls inside our church that were damaged by the roof leaks sustained over the past several years have been repaired.


The work performed by Michael Burk and his construction workers were expertly done in the front entrance, hallways, office, library, as well as the Fellowship Hall, Quiet Room, kitchen, and classrooms. 


The work included the removal of mold in four rooms, installation of new sheet rock and baseboard moldings, application of joint compound and sanding throughout, and finally the painting in all the repaired areas.


The entire project was funded by the money raised in our roof campaign.  No money was used from our general operating fund to cover the cost of any of the repairs.


When you get a chance check out the fresh new look throughout the inside of the church. 


Gene Signor

Trustee Treasurer 

February 11, 2024

Gene Signor

Raise the Roof Committee 

August 27, 2023

Project Photos

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