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Leaders & Staff

Church Council

Sharon Signor | Council Chair

Rev. Pamela Klotzbach | Pastor

Kolby Avery | Lay Leader

Debbie Underwood | Finance Co-Chair

Debbie Williams | Finance Co-Chair

Amy Winters | Treasurer

Ron Bailer | Trustees Co-Chair

Tammy Beardsley | Trustees Co-Chair

Gene Signor | Trustees Treasurer

Mary Frankel | Dir. Christian Edu.

Sue Bravos | At Large

Janice Eaton | At Large

Barb Hilsinger | At Large

Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Finance Committee

Debbie Underwood | Co-Chair

Debbie Williams | Co-Chair

Rev. Pamela Klotzbach | Pastor

Sue Bravos | Financial Secretary

Amy Winters |Treasurer

Kolby Avery

Phyllis Fuller

Lisa Kalilec


Christian Education

Mary Frankel | Director

Life Groups

Sharon Signor | Coordinator

Bonnie Heath | Women's Bible Study

Sharon Signor | Friendship Bible Study

Local Outreach

Nancy Space | Food Pantry & Clothing

Technology Team

Mary Frankel | Audio/Video Technician

Brayden Clark | Audio/Video Technician

Kolby Avery Network & Hardware

Jason Signor | Webmaster


Mary Frankel | Administrative Assistant

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