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  • Prayer & Visitation | Ministries | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES / PRAYER & VISITATION Prayer & Visitation ​ We care about your prayer and visitation needs. To notify us of your needs and request visitation please contact us! ​ If you need prayer, please contact us here: ​ ​ ​ For visitation needs please contact: ​ ​ ​ PRAYER REQUEST REV. PAMELA KLOTZBACH CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE

  • Clothing | Local Outreach | Ministries | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES / LOCAL OUTREACH: CLOTHING GIVEAWAY Tabitha's Closet Clothing Giveaway TABITHA'S CLOSET Clothing Giveaway TABITHA'S CLOSET Clothing Giveaway TABITHA'S CLOSET Clothing Giveaway TABITHA'S CLOSET Clothing Giveaway 1/3 Many in our community are in need of assistance, including basic goods such as clothing. We do what we can to be of assistance by providing clothing to those in need. Clothing donations are also much appreciated so that we can continue to stock our supply. Please contact Nancy Space, ministry leader for Tabitha's Closet, or the church office for more information, or stop by the church during our hours shown below. March - December ​ Tabitha's Closet is open the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM . Come help us set up on the Friday before each event from 1:00 - 2:00 PM . We also appreciate any help to organize and put away clothing after each Saturday event. January and February: ​ Closed ​ View Events Calendar ​ Nancy Space | Ministry Leader ​ Please contact the church office: Get in Touch! OUTREACH GIVING

  • Life Groups | Ministries | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES / LIFE GROUPS crosses-2713356_960_720 bible-1089968_960_720 pexels-photo-8110751 Copy of stained-glass-1 Copy of stained-glass-4 bible-2110439_960_720 Cindy Sharon_Signor FRIENDSHIP BIBLE STUDY Co ntact ​ Sharon Signor | Life Groups Coordinator Email WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY

  • Lasagna Dinner 10/28/23 | First United Methodist Church (Cortland, NY)


  • Weekly Newsletter | News & Events | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    NEWS & EVENTS / WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Weekly Newsletter Subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter , sent directly to your inbox every Thursday! subscribe Archive Includes current and past newsletters File format: PDF Download Adobe Acrobat Reader VIEW NEWSLETTERS

  • Chicken 'n' Biscuit Dinner 11/5/22 | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    CHICKEN & BISCUIT DINNER 11/5/22 Chicken 'n' Biscuit Dinner PRINTABLE FLYER

  • Scholarship | Seasonal | Students & Youth | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES / STUDENTS & YOUTH: SEASONAL / SCHOLARSHIP Dr. Philip S. Nason served as the church's pastor from 1943 to 1964. In response to his vital interest in education, Cortland First UMC offers scholarships in his memory. ​ To be eligible for this award an applicant must be pursuing academic or vocational education beyond the high school level which includes entering a professional, technical, college or university program. Applicants must enroll as full-time students. While first time applicants of the award will be given special consideration, students who have been past recipients are eligible to apply. ​ Applicants will be evaluated by the Nason Scholarship Committee and selected for a scholarship based on the following criteria: ​ 1) active church participation and service 2) financial need 3) scholarship 4) recommendations 5) extracurricular activities. ​ The church must receive your application by May 1st for consideration. The application (a fillable, printable PDF file) is available at the link below . Please return your completed application to the church, addressed to the Nason Scholarship Committee. ​ If you have questions about the scholarship, please contact Gene Signor . APPLICATION

  • Sermons | Worship | Ministries | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES / WORSHIP: SERMONS Sunday Messages Cortland First UMC Sermons This channel is coming soon!

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