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  • First United Methodist Church | Cortland, NY

    FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Cortland winter! FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Stained glass from the original church 11 FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Cortland winter! 1/8 We are a CHRIST- CENTERED COMMUNITY Raise the Roof Campaign RESTORE AND PRESERVE THE VENUE GOD HAS GRACIOUSLY P ROVIDED AS A PLACE O F WO RSHIP FOR OVE R 30 YEAR S. DONATE TO OUR ROOF RECONSTRUCTION PRO JECT. Let's "raise th e roof " togeth er! download a printable banner PLEASE HELP US " raise the roof! " LEARN MORE ABOUT Read our mission, vision, and beliefs. View our meeting times and locations, our leaders and staff, and learn about our pastor, Rev. Eunice Kim. ​ Button NEWS & EVENTS Read the latest news. View our events calendar. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter. And view Sunday announcements. Button MINISTRIES Explore the ministries of First United Methodist Church. Sunday Worship Service, Life Groups, Students & Youth, and Local Outreach. Button Button GIVING There are many ways to support the ministry of First UMC. Through prayer, materially or monetarily, AmazonSmile, or offer your talent and skills! Form icon (page with a corner folded) FORMS Fileshar ico (cloud with downward-fcin arrow). FILE SHARE Magnifying glass icon SITE SEARCH

  • Leaders & Staff | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    LEADERS & STAFF Pastor ​ The Pastor's Page ​ ​ Leaders & Staff Church Council ​ Sharon Signor | Chair: Council, SPPRC (Email ) P astor | Contact Janice Eaton | Finance Chair Amy Winters | Treasurer Ron Bailer | Trustees Chair Gene Signor | Trustees Treasurer Mary Frankel | Sunday School Director Kolby Avery | At Large Sue B ravos |At Large Barb Hil singe r | At Large ​ Staff, Pastor, Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC) ​​ Sharon Signor | Chair (Email ) P astor | Contact Sue Bravos Mary Frankel Barb Hilsinger Debbie Underwood ​ Finance Committee Janice Eaton | Chair (Email ) Pastor | Contact Sue Brav os | Financial Secretary Amy Winters |Treasurer Kolby Avery ​ ​ Trustees ​ ​Ron Bailer | Chair (Email ) P astor | Contact Gene Signor | Treasurer Kolby Avery Jim Underwood Jim Yacano ​ ​ Fellowship Outreach Committee ​ P astor | Contact Janice Eaton Penny Fairchild Barb Hilsinger Pastor Cathy Lee Debbie Underwood Debbie Williams ​ ​ Raise the Roof Committee ​ P astor | Contact Ron Bailer Janice Eaton Pastor Cathy Lee Gene Signor Debbie Williams ​ Raise the Roof Campaign ​ ​ Christian Education ​ Mary Frankel | Dir. Christian Education (Email ) Sunday School Teachers: ​Heidi Avery Kolby Avery Mary Frankel Divina Puukila ​ Ministries ​ Prayer Team ​ P astor | Contact Sue B ravos M ary Fran k el Divina Puukila Sharon Signor ​ Prayer Request ​ ​ Life Groups ​ Coordinators: ​​ P astor | Contact Sharon Signor | (Email ) ​ ​Group Leaders: Bonnie Heath | Women's Bible Study Sharon Signor | Friendship Bible Study Pastor | Prayer & Visitation ​ Ministries ​ ​ Local Outreach ​ Nancy Space Food Pantry; Tabitha's Closet ​ Ministries ​ ​ Technology Team ​ (Volunteer needed) Systems Administrator ​ Kolby Avery Network & Hardware Specialist ​ Jason Signor Webmaster ​ Mary Frankel Brayden Clark Audio/Video Technicians ​ ​ Administrative Assistants ​ Cathy Lee Mary Frankel ​ Contact ​ ​

  • 404 | First UMC (Cortland)

    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

  • About | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    ABOUT Read our mission, vision, and beliefs. View our meeting times and locations, our leaders and staff, and learn about our pastor, Rev. Eunice Kim. ​ Mission, Vision & Beliefs Read about our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, our vision, and what we believe. Where We Are Here you'll find our office hours, and links to our meeting times and locations. Come visit us! We look forward to meeting you! Leaders & Staff View our leaders and staff, including the Church Council, Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC), Finance Committee, Trustees, ministry leaders, and more. The Pastor's Page Get to know our pastor since 2018, Rev. Eunice Kim, who has severed over 35 years in the United Methodist Church , both in the United States and abroad. ​

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  • Giving | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    GIVING Support the ministries of First United Methodist Church through prayer, through giving materially or monetarily, or by offering your talent and skills! Give through Prayer Please pray for our ministry to the local community and world. We want to pray for you too! Raise the Roof Campaign Give to our roof reconstruction campaign. Support the longevity of our buildings which are vital to our ministry and community. Support Basic Needs Donate gently used clothing, non-perishable food items, or give monetarily to either ministry. Give Your Talent and Skills Do you have a particular gift , talent , or skill you'd like to offer in service to our Lord? We would love to hear from you !

  • Basic Needs | Giving | First United Methodist Church | Cortland

    GIVING: BASIC NEEDS beige rectangle header background Basic Needs Imagine what God will do throu gh your generosity! Impact Lives Forever! Giving Opportunities FOOD PANTRY TABITHA'S CLOSET ​ At First United Methodist Church, we believe in giving back to our community. We offer a variety of donation options to meet the needs of our local community. We accept both monetary and material donations to help those in our community who are in need. With your support, we are able to provide individuals with food, clothing, and other necessities. ​ Please bring material donations such as food and clothing to the church office. Monetary donations to our outreach ministries may be mailed to the church or brought to the office. We're happy to answer any question you may have about giving. ​ beige rectangle background GET IN TOUCH!

  • Ministries | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    MINISTRIES Explore the ministries of First United Methodist Church. Sunday Worship Service, Life Groups, Students & Youth, and Local Outreach ministries. Worship Join us for our Sunday worship service, 10:00 AM (and 9:30 AM during the summer). Or watch at Sunday Live Online ! Life Groups Life Groups are small fellowship groups that meet weekly to promote the faith and spiritual wellbeing of members. Women's Bible Study, Friendship Bible Study, and Intercessory Prayer & Family Visitation. Students & Youth Learn about the opportunities for children and youth including Sunday school classes, youth group, and a scholarship for eligible college students in memory of Dr. Philip S. Nason (pastor from 1943-1964). Local Outreach Ministries to our local community include the provision of clothing and food to those in need, through our Food Pantry and Tabitha's Closet clothing giveaway.

  • Get in Touch! | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    GET IN TOUCH! beige rectangle header background Contact us! Cortland First United Methodist Church 734 NY Route 222 Cortland, New York 13045 (607) 756-5426

  • Latest News! | First United Methodist church (Cortland, NY)

    LATEST NEWS Latest News {20 23 } M ay 24: ​ Follow-up Meeting | May 28 ​ Last Sunday, May 21, the church held an informational congregational meeting with conversation following the church service regarding the guidelines given by the UNYUMC Conference. The guidelines regarding disaffiliation were explained followed by discussion and questions that were answered. On May 28 there will be a follow- up meeting after the church service . At that time people can vote if they wish to explore disaffiliation or not. It is important that everyone attends this short meeting. Printable notice... ​ "Raise the Roof" Campaign Update ​ As a result of a generous gift of $25,000 made by an anonymous donor, our roof replacement campaign fund has increased to $79,328 . Thank you! Based on recent roofing contractor estimates we still need to raise $91,000 to complete the roofing project. Read mo re... M ay 13 : ​ Co ngregational Meeting | May 21 ​ The church Council will hold an Informational Congregational Meeting with Conversation to be held immediately following the church service on May 21, 2023 . It is very important that everyone attend this meeting as the topic will be the direction of our church . There will be a follow up meeting on this topic after the church service on May 28, 2023 . Sharon Si gnor (S/ PPRC and Council Chair) ​ S pring Flower Sale | May 20 ​ The Fellowship Outreach Committee will hold a fundraising sale on Saturday, May 20 . Unlike previous years we will not be taking preorders. This year we are using a different vendor and cannot request specific plants. If you would like combination pots, please let a committee member know, and we will put them together. We will have a few made for the day of the sale. Another change pertains to selling perennials. If you are thinning your plants, please consider donating them. Please come and support our event and brighten your outdoors with beautiful plants. We will have hanging baskets (10" for $22, and 12" for $28), annuals , perennials , vegetable plants , herbs , and combination pots . A little bit of something for everyone. Fellowship Outreach Committee ​ Upcoming Leadership Change ​ Rev. Eunice Kim has informed the church Council that she will be moving to another church. Her last Sunday with us will b e June 11, 2023. Please pray fo r her move and her spiritual journey, and for the pastor who will be coming and the trans ition for everyone. Read more... The Pastor's Page April 27 : ​ Spring Cleanup ​ Spring is h ere and it is time to spruce up inside and outside of our church. The Trustees have scheduled a Spring Clean Up Day for May 6 from 9:00 AM to Noon . We are asking for volunteers . Many hands make light work. Various tasks, so there will be something for everyone. Hope to se e you there! --Ron Bai ler, Trustee Chair. Download a printable flyer at the link below. Download printable flyer ​ April 1 6 : ​ "Raise the Roof" Campaign Update ​ We have raised nearly $55,000 toward the repla cement of the church roof and are working to secure a grant from the Wilkins Foundation. We are in the process of receiving proposals from roofing contractors. Recently we were quoted a cost to replace the roof at $83,000 . This quote leaves us sho rt of our goal by about $28,000, so we are asking for your support. Read m or e. .. April 9 : ​ Easter Sunday Celebration ​ Join us for Easter Su nday Celebration a t 10:00 a.m. We will be rea ching ou t to the community and our church family with Easter Blessing Baskets! ​ April 6: ​ Holy Thursday Prayer ​ Please join us in the sanctuary at 1:00 p.m. for Holy Thursday Prayer! All are invited. ​ March 17: ​ "Raise the Roof" Campaign Update ​ To date, we have received $53,724 in donations from 61 church individuals and families, businesses, and friends of the church. Follow the link below to read more. Read more... ​ March 13: ​ Amazon Smile Resu lts ​ Though we had only a short time with AmazonSmile before Amazon discontinued the program , the church was issued a $10.84 dona tion from the AmazonSmil e Foundation as a result of program activity between October 1 and December 31, 2022. We are grateful for the donation, and we will look for other similar giving opportunities. Thank you! ​ ​ Fe bruary 23: ​ "Raise the Roof" Campaign Update ​ The total raised to date through donations and fundraising has reached $53,618 . So far, 59 individuals/families, businesses, and friends of the church have donated. ​ ​ January 19: ​ AmazonSmile to be Discontinued ​ Amazon will discontinue AmazonSmile on 2/2 0 /2023. Please continue to donate through the end of the program. ​" To help charities that have been a part of the AmazonSmile program with this transition, we will be providing them with a one-time donation equivalent to three months of what they earned in 2022 through the program, and they will also be able to accrue additional donations until the program officially closes in February (Amazon, 2023-01-18)." ​​ J anua ry 6: ​ "Raise the Roof" Campaign Update ​ The past year has been a whirlwind with our effort to recover from the pandemic, continue to raise funds for our roof replacement, and support our mission projects such as the Food Pantry and Tabitha's Closet clothing giveaway. We ended the year with over $50,000 toward our goal. ​ Latest News Archive View Latest News from past years in the Latest News archive. VIEW NOW

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