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"Raise the Roof" Campaign



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August 2023 Update

I am happy to report that after three and a half years of fundraising efforts, we have reached our goal of replacing the aging roofs on our church structures.


Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, our friends in the community who stepped up to help us meet our goal, and the announcement from the Wilkins Foundation awarding us a $4,000 grant, our campaign was a success having reached our goal of $96,000.


The Raise the Roof Committee obtained proposals from four roofing contractors and after a thorough review of the quotes, ADM Quality Construction of Marathon was the contractor selected to perform the work. The Trustees and Church Council approved the selection.


As a result, the existing shingles on the three church structures will be replaced with new heavy gauge metal roofing.


Any additional donations received will be added to our funds and used for repair to damaged areas inside the church caused by roof leaks. Extensive water damage was sustained in the church office, front entrance, childcare room, fellowship hall, and classroom area.


The roof work is scheduled to begin shortly after Labor Day.

Gene Signor

Raise the Roof Committee 

August 27, 2023

"Raise the Roof" Meter

Goal Met!


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