What is Faith-in-Action?


We find the needs in our local community and meet them through mission projects.


Some Previous Projects:

Community Garden


Our community garden is an ongoing project. Each year we try to expand or improve the garden so that we can grow more produce to distribute through our food pantry. 

Garfield St. House Project


There is a family in our faith community that is renovating a house for a family to move into. There was flooring and painting to be done. Now that family is one step closer to having a home.


Chestnut St. Garage Project


A member of our faith community had a elderly neighbor whot tried for several years to get someone to paint her very much-in-need garage. It was a very large garage and much more work than one person could do in a weekend. It needed to be scraped, primed, and painted. There was a crew of about 8-12 people there through the weekend, it was completed, and they even painted her porch with the leftover paint!


Beaudry Park


How sad it is to take your young child to a park where there is graffiti all around. We had a crew of people go out to the park and spend a great deal of time scrubbing off the graffiti from the playground equipment.


Brewster House & Friendship House


Another of our ongoing missions is to spend time with the elderly in our community. It is amazing how much joy a visit will bring!


Lime Hollow Nature Center


A group of about 20 cleaned up a new section of trails and removed a huge amount of garbage and debris. This not only beautified the area but removed safety concerns for the hundreds of people who walk the trails each week.