Life Groups

A Life Group is a group that holds ongoing meetings to promote the faith and spiritual life of its members through small group fellowship.


Life Group Coordinators:

Sharon Signor:  Email

Robert Bowker:  Email

Pastor Eunice Kim:  Email

Prayer Group
The Prayer Group meets to share prayer concerns and to seek God through an extended time in corporate prayer.


We commit to “standing in the gap” for others, and to listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice.


We want to pray about the things that are on Jesus’s heart, and to be changed by the Holy Spirit’s presence.


We meet Thursdays at 6:30 PM in the Cortland First UMC Library.


Contact Pastor Eunice with any questions: Email

Short Term Bible Study
Short Term Bible Studies are Life Groups which will takie place at various times throughout the year for a short period of time.


There will be a variety of topics covered and led by different people.


These Short Term Bible Studies will help members develop a deeper understanding of God’s Word through fellowship, while promoting the spiritual growth of members.

Women's Bible Study
We move deeper into God's Word and continuously learn more about our personal relationship with Him.


Our God is an amazing God and He wants a personal relationship with each of us.


Our study discussions lead us continually closer to Him.


We meet Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM.


Contact Bonnie Heath with any questions: Phone

Friendship House Bible Study
The Friendship House Bible Study group meets at the Friendship House to accommodate those who are less able to travel to participate in a study group and/or who find it difficult to attend church.  


The group focuses on reading Scripture using a small group Bible study guide. Discussions are enlightening and promote a better understanding of God’s Word and what it means for us today. The focus includes prayer and supportive fellowship. 

Anyone interested in a daytime Bible study is welcome.


You do not have to live at Friendship House to attend. 


We meet Tuesdays 1:00 PM at the Friendship House.


Contact Sharon Signor with any questions: Phone

Men's Ministry
We meet so that men of all ages can have an outlet through Bible study, movies, trips, meals or just fun to strengthen their faith. Men sharpen men through Christ!


We meet September through May, but the day and location can vary depending on what we are doing.