Dress Our People

Who Are We?


We were born at Cortland First UMC on October 18, 2005.

Two women from the church had sponsored children in Haiti and were discussing the idea to sew dresses to send to them. This was such a huge success that it was decided to continue to make clothing for people of all ages and Dress Our People was started.  Dress Our People continued to grow each year and currently there more than 620 groups and organizations participating that are serving 21 countries and have delivered more than 10,000 pieces of clothing.


What Do We Do?


We started making only dresses and tanks. Currently, we have added many new items and we  are making: dresses, tanks, puppets, hats and mittens, fleece coats, chemotherapy caps, baby sleepers, baby buntings, baby blankets and lap quilts


How Can I Help?


* Join a Dress Our People group in your area. 

* Start your own Dress Our People group in your church, community or social organization.

* You can make a donation.  Needed items include: Cotton blended material (at least 1 yard pieces), thread of any color, scissors, postage, monetary donations to purchase needed material, pray for the ministry.


How Can I Contact Dress Our People?


Dress Our People can be contacted through email if you have questions or if you want to help.