Grades 6-12

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The UMP Ministry (United Methodist Puppeteers)

Puppets have been catching people's attention for centuries! Among other things, they can make people laugh, pretend, dream, empathize, and understand ideas, just like Jesus did with his parables. 

The UMP Ministry (United Methodist Puppeteers) taps the talents, creativity and energy of youth in grades 6-12 while building their own faith. It gives young people a purpose within the church body and a mission of their own to share the stories of the Bible and Jesus with others in a fun-filled and dynamic way by:

  • involving youth in a relational ministry,

  • reaching out to others within and outside the church community,

  • training youth to share their faith, and 

  • enhancing other church programs.

Mission Statement:

The United Methodist Puppeteers (UMPs) is a recently renewed youth ministry of the First United Methodist Church of Cortland that strives to encourage Christians of all ages in their faith and to share the stories from the Bible with non-Christians who are willing to receive them. The UMPs work primarily within the church most often during children's time during selected Sunday worship services and may expand the outward reach of their ministry following experience and practice.

There are lots of other jobs for puppet ministry supporters within the church and broader community, including, but not limited to:

  • putting together and running the sound system

  • making props

  • sewing puppet costumes

  • acting as puppet caretakers

  • designing and making scenery

  • writing scripts

  • driving puppeteers to a performance or someplace to celebrate after one

  • working on publicity

  • sponsoring refreshments for rehearsals

  • leading devotions or sharing personal testimonies.